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Laurens Houvast/ Cryptosis

Laurens Houvast, the singer and guitar player of Cryptosis, has been in love with the sound of hard rock and heavy metal ever since he started playing guitar at the young age of 11. As he began to explore the Dutch live music scene, he started his first band at just 16 years old. It was around this time that he upgraded his gear and purchased his first explorer guitar, equipped with EMG pickups (81/60), which to this day remains his main guitar.

Fast forward to March 2021, Cryptosis released their debut album "Bionic Swarm" under Century Media Records (SONY) and embarked on a successful 6-week European tour. Now, the band is back in the studio, writing and preparing for their sophomore album, set to be recorded in 2023. With Laurens' undeniable talent and his trusty EMG-equipped guitar by his side, the world is eagerly anticipating what Cryptosis will bring to the table next.

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