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Kyle Rasmussen/ Vitriol

"Any time I step away from my 81 or JH in the bridge while trying to handle Vitriol riffs, I feel as though I'm trying to slice bread with a spoon. Vitriol's guitar sound and that of EMG active pickups are inseparable."

I picked up the guitar at 13. It was a Ferrari Red, Bronze Series B.C. Rich Warlock loaded with the house brand passives. I chugged around on that thing for years before picking up my first semi professional instrument in a B.C. Rich neck-through NJ Warlock loaded with an 81/85 set. This was a pivotal moment for a budding death metal guitar player who was relentlessly seeking a more excising tone. The transition felt like an organic evolution as most of my personal guitar heroes also played active EMG pickups. Over the years I have been open-minded when confronted with new guitar technology, but every time I step into a passive pickup I can't help but feel as though I'm attempting to cut bread with a spoon. At this point my technique, Vitriol's sound, and the voice of EMG active pickup are inalienable. 17 years into my playing and the 81, and now the JH, are among the most important pieces of my gear.

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