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Bryce VanHoosen/ Spellcaster

"The EMG 57/66 set are hands down the best pickups I have ever used. They're beefy without getting muddy or dull, have plenty of high end without ever sounding ice-picky, and basically just hit every frequency a guitar should hit in a mix. I've definitely been getting more compliments on my sound since using EMGs!"

Bryce R. VanHoosen is a guitarist and songwriter for Portland, OR based traditional heavy metal band SPELLCASTER. As one half of SPELLCASTER's guitar wielding duo, Bryce performs pounding rhythms, epic harmonies, and sultry leads night after night. His playing style is aggressive yet soulful, focusing equally on speed, technicality and infectious melodies. He has toured with SPELLCASTER in the U.S., Canada and Europe, playing sold out shows to enthusiastic crowds who can't get enough of his wild stage antics. The backbone of Bryce's rhythm sound comes from the EMG 57, with neck position tones being offered by the EMG 66 and EMG SLV single coils.

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