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Michael Massions/ Black Box Warning

"“You can go from fighting crime to caramelizing sugar with EMG pickups! The 57/66 set in my ESP Stream Guitar are essential to my sound and deliver reliable, uncompromising tone every time.”"

Black Box Warning is a 3-­‐piece powerhouse,

raging from the Midwest. Their hard-hitting,

powerful riffs, textural, melodic passages

and sing-­‐along choruses are a brutal combo.

Peppered with conceptual, and sometimes

controversial and abstruse messaging and

searing, melodic guitar leads; Black Box

Warning delivers an intense listening experience. Massions hit the stage for the

first time at the age of 12 and never looked

back. Many years and countless hours

of dedication to his instrument and his craft,

he still pursues his passion as an artist and

guitarist. You can hear Mike on Black Box

Warning’s current release, Malignant.

In stores now!

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