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The EMG 45JX is our JX pickup in the Extender range housing. This pickup has classic jazz bass characteristics with a broader tonal frequency range that adds dimensions and... >

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The EMG 45JX is our JX pickup in the Extender range housing. This pickup has classic jazz bass characteristics with a broader tonal frequency range that adds dimensions and clarity to your bass playing. EMG's design has a very low ratio of resistance to inductance, which increases the low end response, while the radiused ceramic bar magnet ensures the tone keeps a tight mid-range punch with dynamic high end presence. The added head room and dynamic response of the X Series preamp gives players an active pickup with the feel closer to a passive. The 45JX is intended for 6 string basses and is in our Extender range housing that is 4.5 inches (115mm). This bass pickup includes EMG's solderless wiring for an easy install.
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In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

1 25k volume pot
1 25k active tone pot (VLPF)
1 battery bus
1 stereo output jack
1 pair mounting screws
1 pickup cable
2 connect cables
1 output cable
1 battery cable


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Very cool electronics!

Maximilian /Reviewed 4/27/2017

I installed two 45JX pickups in a 6 String Peavey Grind Bass. I followed the directions for the "volume-volume-tone" circuit; meaning this install was 100% solderless :) I decided to run the pickups at 9v.

I love the instructions and wiring kits/electronics that come with these pickups. The clean wiring inspires confidence and is easy to install. My bass required no routing or modifications to accommodate the electronics or pickups.

These pickups sound precise and clear. My Low B string is noticeably more defined and tight sounding. The entire range of my bass is more responsive. There is significantly less noise than the passive pickups previously installed in the bass. I find that the tone and volume knobs give me sufficient tonal control so I don't think I'll have to install any additional eq circuitry :)

Extremely pleased with this purchase. I'll probably install these on more instruments in the future!

Ease of Install

Not what I expected, but sounds good!

Michael /Reviewed 5/13/2016

I was really looking to get a much more 'punch' in my tone, but nothing all that aggressive. When I got this pickup please keep in mind that I am someone who only favors the bridge pickup for the notation and Jaco sound. As much as I wanted to get a neck pickup, my bass had to be routed, so it was quite an investment!

This thing will make your new set of strings sound harshly bright. I use Rotosound Stainless Steel strings and I had to turn the treble down on my amp, bass and pedal, just to get a much more tamed tone. If youre really into an aggressive clanky sound, you will have no issue with the 45JX. This was one of the things that I felt most unsatisfied with, but I just had to give it some time for the strings to really break in. After a while, I was able to get that Jaco sound much easier, but still, the lack of punch in my tone was missing.

If youre someone who loves mid range, the 45JX comes with plenty of it and you can dial in plenty more without it sounding too boxy! If anything, I have noticed that you will need to boost aome bass frequencies just to get a good tone.

Its high quality, loud and very mid voiced with clear highs.

9/10 for tone
5/10 for ease of dialing in my tone

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