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Jordan Ziff/ RATT/Marty Friedman/Solo

""The EMG Revelation Set is the most balanced, crisp, yet juicy sounding pickup I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. They’ve made all my guitars really come to life." "

Jordan Ziff started his career very early on, writing and recording his first album when he was just 14 years old with his band Age Of Evil. AOE was signed to a German label when everyone was still in high school. After years of touring and writing with Age Of Evil Jordan became a hot commodity in Arizona where he resides. While doing hired gun gigs and studio sessions all the time he quickly became noticed as a well rounded player. Jordan went on to do an album with the Arizona based band Razer. Soon after that In 2014 Marty Friedman asked him to be his live guitarist in his solo band. That has been Jordan’s primary touring gig for the last 4 years. In 2018 Jordan joined forces with the iconic rock band RATT. Jordan continues to tour with RATT so be on the lookout for tour dates! You can expect a solo album in the very near future.

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