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Luca Angelici

""The EMG Soapbar pickups, in addition to having an exceptional tone, give me the possibility to change my sound, whenever I want it, without having to modify my bass and without having to make boring welds. Versatile, easy to install, with an exceptional sound. I believe you can not really ask for more. I love them!""

I started playing bass at the age of 14 and I studied with leading Italian session men, including Paolo Costa (Eros Ramazzotti), Cesare Chiodo (Laura Pausini), Massimo Sutera (Lucio Dalla) and many others. In over 25 years I have played in Italy, Europe and America. Some Italian artists with I played: Gilda Giuliani, Annalisa Minetti, Gang. Some American artists: Joe D'Urso, Willi Nile (LOD), Wines "Mad Dog" Lopez, Jeffrey Gaines, Hans Ludvigsson (Sweden). Currently I have been playing for over 6 years with the Miami & The Groovers Italian band with various Italian and foreign tours for a total of about 100 concerts per year. I also work as a freelance musician. I manage the main Italian Youtubute channel dedicated to the electric bass with over 3,000,000 vews and 14,000 subscribers called "BassYourLife"

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