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Diamond Rowe/ Tetrarch

"I have been using EMG Pickups in my guitars since I can remember. All of my favorite guitar players have always solely used EMG and I remember thinking as a kid how much I wanted to be a part of the same family. I play the 81/85 set in my ESP guitars and its literally the perfect combination for that perfect tone that I have always wanted. Not only does the company make the best sounding pickups in the world for metal/hard rock but they treat me so great and make sure that I am always equipped for the road and ready to go. I cant imagine putting any other pickups in my guitars."

Diamond Rowe is the co-founder and lead guitarist of the band Tetrarch. The band has gained massive amounts of major press including features in Guitar World Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine, Premier Guitar Magazine and more and were dubbed one of the biggest breakout bands of 2017. In the process of all of the chaos, Diamond has also managed to become one of the females dominating the charge right now in hard rock and metal. Diamond plays both 6 and 7 string ESP guitar models and pairs them with the EMG 81/85 set for her perfect tone.

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