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Sebastian Jensen / Suidakra

""Whatever you are looking for - when it comes down to concise sound, heavy output, warm, powerful and precise sound - there is no comparison.""

Since the year 2000 Sebastian plays the guitar, bass, drums and sings or growls continuously. Since the beginning of 2017 he is endorsed by the traditional guitar brand ESP ( and subsequently in 2018 he is a proud family member of EMG Pickups (

He made experiences with different pickup brands and their combinations over the years but he has always been content and extremely happy with the traditional brand EMG. “These pickups are creating a unique, consistent, brilliant and just perfect sound that totally fits my needs and expectations in all musical cases - in the studio as well as playing live gigs for over a decade.”

He found his badass sounding EMG heroes with the EMG 60, 89, 81 and 85 Pickups in different combinations for different needs – but mainly uses the rightly fabled EMG 81 and EMG 85 “Metalbuckers” in his ESP and LTD guitars.

He is founder, songwriter and long time lead singer of his own band, ´Human Debris´ from Hamburg / Germany, with whom he has already released 3 CDs as well as played various concerts inland and abroad.

Furthermore he is a live musician playing the Bass Guitar with the band ´Fall Of Carthage´ from Germany, the side project of Arkadius, the founder of SuidAkrA.

However, he mainly works in and around ´SuidAkrA´ as a live musician, studio musician, singer and songwriter.

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