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Sebastian Silva/ Silver Talon

"EMG pickups are the only pickups that help me shape my ‘voice’ through my guitar. My melodies sing and sound so clearly and my chords are thick and heavy. These pickups put my sound in the forefront, delivering consistent quality sound in the studio and live performances."

Residing in the rain-soaked city of Portland, OR, Sebastian Silva spends his time writing, recording and performing with his bands Silver Talon, Idle Hands and Leathürbitch. From the moment he picked up the guitar at age 15, Sebastian has been on a quest to shred., to recording and touring, Sebastian never stops working on honing his skills as a guitarist whether it’s being in numerous bands, being a fill in guitarist, recording, touring or performing live. As a heavy metal guitarist, Sebastian solely relies on the power and tone from his EMG Pickups to deliver the goods night after night, day in and day out!

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