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Dan Veall

"I get to use practically every brand of pickup throughout my job as a musician, reviewer and teacher. Over the last 25 years plus, personally I’ve kept coming back to the same brand. EMG Active Pickups."

"Dan has played with and continues to work with the likes of world class session drummer Thomas Lang, top UK guitarists Jamie Humphries and ex-band mate Andy James. He has shared the stage with top artists Glenn Hughes and Paul Di'anno and enjoyed support slots with Feeder, Paradise Lost, The Wildhearts, Gun, The Godfathers, UK Subs, Captain Sensible, Sham 69, Biohazard, Dog Eat Dog and countless other bands from different genres over the years.

Dan demonstrates his instrument proficiency in bands with the very cream of guitar talent: Pin from 'tech metallers' Sikth, Jamie Hunt from Biomechanical, Steve Smyth (Forbidden, Esseness Project, Nevermore), drummer Matt Goom (Glenn Hughes/The Quireboys) and the fantastic Andy James, solo artist and formally guitarist for Sacred Mother Tongue and Wearing Scars.

More recently as bassist in EON, very much a ‘super group’ featuring the likes of Kevin Moore of Dream Theater fame, Russell Allen and John Macaluso from Symphony X, Amanda Sommerville, Elia Monsef and band creator Amadeus Awad on Guitar."

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