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Chance Shirley/ Mitch Gray & The Music Militia

""EMG pickups make any kind of guitar sound amazing. Each pickup has it's own sonic characteristic that make them extremely versatile. Everything from ultra clean, to blues, to the nastiest of heavy metal.""

I have been playing music for almost 18 years now in many different roles. Guitarist, Drummer, Vocalist, Producer and Engineer. I live in a town that has no local music venue and bands have to drive at least 2 hours just to play a show. I do it because I love music and I'm constantly inspired to write.

I have always been on a quest for the "Tone" as far as my guitars go. I have tried many different brands of guitars but I had never moved on from stock pickups. My workhorse guitar while on tour with on of my bands was my absolute favorite guitar I had ever played but the pickups were a little thin sounding. After one particular show on the road my guitar was knocked over from it's stand and the headstock broke off the guitar. Needing a replacement quickly I ordered and took a chance on a different brand of guitar that came with stock active pickups in it. I played it for one show but didn't really like the sound of the stock active pickups. Since the guitar was already set for active pickups I thought I would try an 85/81 set. I then discovered that EMG makes the pickups with a quick connect solderless system and I was completely sold. No more worries about cold solder joints or any issues like that. HUGE difference in tone! I tend to prefer an 85 in the bridge and an 81 in the neck. The huge midrange hump in the 85 lends to a perfect rhythm tone.

I have never looked back from EMG pickups since, I now play two 85/81 combos and one 81/60 combo for my baritone guitar.

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