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Kevin Cordero / Fused by Defiance

"“To sound the best, you have to own the best. I choose EMG above the rest”"

I picked up my first axe at the age of 15. It was an acoustic hand me down with the rustiest strings EVER! However, that didn’t stop me nor did it affect my dream of becoming a lead guitarist in a metal band. I soaked up most of my rock n’ roll knowledge from my father, whom is a die-hard Van Halen fanatic. On my 16th birthday, he surprised me with my first electric guitar and the rest is history. Throughout the years I became more and more of a perfectionist, not only in my playing but also in the way I truly wanted to sound. The tone hunting began. Inspired by Eddie Van Halen’s signature brown sound and Dime bags massive crunch, I wanted a sound of my own and EMG helped me capture it. The versatility of EMG pickups made it possible for me to play loud, sound clear and awesomely brutaI. There’s a surge of confidence every time I hit the stage and shred away on each one of my Schecters powered by EMG!

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