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Skuewolf/ Dirty Wolves

A wolf has joined the ranks of the EMG Pickups artist roster. Alex Hermes, aka Skuewolf, from Australian progressive metal duo Dirty Wolves has been accepted into the EMG fold. Skuewolf is a massive fan of EMG’s gnarly tone and tightness and you will see a set of EMGs in all his touring and studio guitars.

So what are Skuewolf’s favorite pickups? That would have to be the Zakk Wylde EMG 81 85s. As a progressive metal 2 piece, EMGs are at the epicenter of that massive wall of sound that Dirty Wolves are known for.

Coupled with international and national touring, Dirty Wolves have just released their critically acclaimed debut album Creation & Chaos through MGM which is available worldwide in-store and on all digital platforms.

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