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Kennon Pearson/ ELE

"My main pickups of choice are the 40HZs and the MMTW. The MMTW I have equipped in one of my basses the pinnacle of tonal diversity in a bridge pickup, which is very useful to me. Being able to switch from full, wide humbucking to a crisp, yet punchy single coil tone in one pickup allows for me to create crushing tones. For my passive bass, the 40HZs are simple and perfect. I love the mid-range attack that the ceramic magnets give these pickups and love using these pickups!"

Formed in October 2014, North Carolina’s Extinction Level Event (ELE) are the founders of Clank and the leading band on all-bass metal. “Clank” is the term that is used to describe the key element of Extinction Level Event’s Signature Sound: All-bass, no guitars, combining crushing, distorted bass lines with intricate drums, and terrifying growls. Extinction Level Event brings forth unique and powerful metal that will turn heads. The band’s sound combines both the aggressive edge of metal and djent (with influences such as Meshuggah, Lamb of God, and Periphery) and a humorous, more down-to-earth side, as seen in the infamous “Entropy” music video. Since the release of their debut EP, “The Catalyst” and it’s media frenzy, Extinction Level Event has been burning a path across the United States with hopes of world domination. Are you ready for the extinction?