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Maru Martinez / Paper Hero

"‘The 57/66 set suits my needs perfectly. These pick ups behave like passives but maintain the amazing tone quality and output of active pick-ups which makes them the perfect combination. I am able to get a lot of tone clarity out of my distorted tones without any mud or harshness; as well as really warm and full sounding cleans. Definitely my go to pick up set for recording and performing live.’"

Maru Martinez is a guitarist from Montevideo, Uruguay. She started playing guitar at age 14 when she received her first electric guitar; shortly after she joined a band and started playing shows locally. Later on her musical interests branched out to music production and she started recording and producing her music at home. In 2014, Maru moved to Chicago and formed her current band Paper Hero that has just released their debut EP and plan to continue writing and potentially tour. EMG pick ups has been integral part of Maru’s playing and production journey ever since she received her first guitar with EMGs and started experimenting with tones and recording guitars.

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