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Tim Bertsch/ Jaded Mary

"“As a guitarist who prides himself on versatility I am always searching for my place in vastly different sonic spectrums, EMG Pickups give me the ability to occupy space in the mix and yet still cut when needed” “After hearing my music broadcast on major FM radio stations my guitar tone is as clear and defined as the moment it was recorded straight from the speaker preserving my tonal intent” “I love the clarity, presence, extreme dynamic capabilities and tone of my EMG's. I have used them exclusively for many years both live and in the studio”"

Timothy Bertsch Guitarist,

Harpguitarist, Composer, Performer, Recording Artist

Tim Bertsch has been a disciple of the guitar and it's resonance since the age of 10.

Having long since lived, composed and performed in three very different musical worlds,

Timothy is equally proficient on the electric guitar as well as acoustic guitar/harp guitar.

Heavily rooted in jazz, fusion, flamenco, rock, classical, blues and gypsy music his

unique musical talents are equally as diverse.

He has been a longstanding member of the rock dynamo Jaded Mary, as well as a

valued member of the seasoned jazz group H.D. Fusion, sharing the headliner billing

with many national acts such as Halestorm, Buckcherry, Sevendust, Saving Abel, Filter,

Helmet, The Tea Party, Tantric, Duff Mckagan's Loaded, Jason Bonham, Adelitas Way,

Red, Rehab, Local H and many, many more.

Timothy has also performed as a soloist at countless festivals including Folklife and

NAMM to name a few as well as being featured by Acoustic Guitar Magazine for an AG


His songs have had placement on The Discovery Channel and his groups have

received airplay on the Pacific Northwest’s biggest and most popular FM radio stations.

His versatility and competency on guitar, harp guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele and sitar

have made him an in demand studio musician as well as a sought after live performer.

Tim studied music composition formally in college and received many outstanding

soloist awards while performing with the Olympic College jazz band and vocal jazz

groups. Timothy is also a dedicated private music educator since. In 2000 he

established the Sound Academy of Music school.

His other interests include luthiery, musical physics, and a keen interest in the spiritual

qualities of music.

"I've been fortunate to have studied with: Larry Coryell, Emily Remeler, Beppe

Gambetta, Joshua Breakstone and John Stowell as well as many other masters of the


As a musical composer, performer, and recording artist, Bertsch is always looking for

untapped resources of musical expression and inspiration. His lifelong goal: "To live a

life of expression, to leave a lengthy, meaningful catalog of my soul's finest


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