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Paul De Maio/ Entertain The Beast

"EMG has been an integral part of my guitar tone since day one… Used and abused the 81/85 set for many years and now super happy to be using the 57/66 sets in my Aristides 7’s and 8’s. My tone is all about articulation, clarity and a really pissed off/aggressive sound. The 57/66’s deliver in every aspect…. and look totally badass as well. Even more important to me than the actual pickups or technology, is the amazing relationship and insane support we have with the entire team at EMG. Very proud to be a part of the family… "

My name is Paul De Maio. Born in Buenos Aires, raised in Toronto, currently based in Guadalajara… I am the rhythm guitarist for Entertain The Beast, a heavy metal band based in Mexico. I proudly play Aristides Guitars, EMG Pickups, Mesa Boogie Amps, and Jim Dunlop Guitar Products.

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