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After the long and eventful year of 2014 Ektomorf are looking forward to take a big step and follow up the success of their latest release 'Retribution' – the band has decided to freshening up their sound but still keeping the signature Ektomorf style By exploring different tunings and setups, Zoli (the band's so called mastermind) came up with the idea of implementing active EMG pick-ups; and they work just perfectly. As Ektomorf is tuning down and recently moved towards using 8-string guitars, it was discovered how much the band benefits from using the EMG 808 active model.

So far the guitars of Ektomorf were equipped with passive SD and Gibson pickups, but now it's time to change to EMGs all the way! All Ektomorf members are dedicated to use active EMG pickups from now on – in fact, it was kinda no-brainer that Zoli Farkas’ upcoming signature 8-string ESP Viper (the first 8-string Viper the world has ever seen)will be equipped with EMG electronics and pickups.

After a series of soundchecks in the home studio, the sustain and clarity of EMG 81X and 808 was very impressive and convincing well enough to make the band's final decision easy on pursuing a cooperation with EMG pickups. The massive bottom and yet very understandable mids of the tone is mind blowing, and this versatility allows the group to elevate their ’game’, both in sounding and songwriting – good gear can be very influential and inspiring for any musician.

Ektomorf would be delighted to represent EMG as one of their exclusive endorsing partner, because your products will make the band continue to impress the whole genre with robust and bulldozing guitar- and bass-sound.

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