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Christian Bernadac/ Producer/Solo Artist

""I have been producing heavy music for more than a decade, EMGs guarantees consistency and reliability in the studio, my guitars with EMGs on them are for sure the most used ones when it comes to heavy tones" "

Christian Bernadac, guitarist and producer, started as a classical guitar player when he was 15 years and started playing electric guitar when he turned 17 years. Since the first time he tried EMG pickups, they became the best choice when it comes to anything metal related, EMG pickups are a huge part when it comes to get that special, aggressive and massive tone, and are fundamental to define the sound of his band, a brutal death metal band called All Misery, a world wide recognized band that have been using EMG since always.

As a producer, he have tried a lot of different brands of anything, but when it comes to pickups EMG still being the best of the best.