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Nicki Tedesco/ Frantic Ginger

"“The EMG 35 CS-TWs in my 5 string basses allows for the deep tones of the B string without losing dynamic range. I can feel and hear every note even if I tune down a step, it still retains a richness I rarely find with other pickups.”"

Nicki Tedesco is a songwriter/singer/bass player from Los Angeles. Genres include: pop, punk, rock, electronic, alternative and metal. Playing both the electric and upright bass, she is endorsed by Spector, Ampeg, EMG and D'Addario. Nicki is known for her bass cover and tone review videos - with over 100,000 views.

Having toured and sung with Trance pioneer BT (Brian Transeau) and played with drummer Tim Alexander (Primus), Nicki fronts her own high-energy all-girl power trio; Frantic Ginger. She is a studio owner at The Strands L.A., located in Hollywood, CA, where she writes and releases music for licensing and publishing.

Nicki strives to influence the female component of music, inspiring girls to be musicians and songwriters.

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