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Ted Morcaldi/ Mad Satta

"With the DG20 system I'm able to use one guitar and get all the sounds I need. I can get a great strat sound with this system plus added EQ boosts that will bring out certain nuances that are otherwise lost in a live setting."

Ted Morcaldi is a guitarist, composer, and teacher from the New Haven area. He is the guitarist and one of the composers in the 8 piece R&B/Soul band Mad Satta, session guitarist, and classical guitar teacher at Western Connecticut State University. If you catch Mad Satta live or check out their upcoming release "Comfort", you'll see that having a versatile guitar is one piece of the puzzle which makes up this groups sound. Going from clean, crisp rhythm guitar, synthed out leads, overdriven solos, to ethereal Breau-style harp harmonics all on one instrument requires pickups with great sonic versatility. The DG-20 in his home-made strat does it ALL!