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Sarven Manguiat / GrooveSession

Sarven Manguiat is the guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist for GrooveSession. GrooveSession, from Ontario, California is a power rock trio with great song writing and high-energy live performance. They have the reputation as the barefoot band that enjoys long sets and gives a little something for everyone to share. They bring a multi-genre blend of rock n’ roll that they call “Movin' Groovin' Music”. A very hard working and easy going band with a sound geared to end the “Jammin' Famine”.

Sarven began playing piano at the age of 4 and picked up guitar at the age of 10. While rooted in blues and rock, his fluid style covers all genres taking influence from many greats, past and present. He was first introduced to EMG in 2000 when he and his dad bought the same EMG DG20 system he is currently using today. Versatility, reliability, and all out powerful tone are what Sarven looks for in pickups, and EMG provides him with what he needs.

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