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Réda Boucher/ Break These Shackles

Réda Boucher plays 6, 7 and 8 stringed guitar in the death/hardcore metal band "Break These Shackles".

He studied piano and guitar at the "Epinay institute music" for many years, and then learned advanced technique with Stephane Afonso like picking, sweeping and taping.

He joined in 2009 "Break These Shackles", and began his teaching career in 2010. He did many gigs for the release of his band EP "Prometheus Ring", and in 2012 signed with Ibanez Guitars and with EMG PICKUPS, he chose this product for the tightness and powerful sound.
 Combined with his 8 string Ibanez, EMG Pickups allows him a modern and powerful sound.

Now Reda focuses on his band and on his work as a teacher (particular lessons, lessons online, school music online...).

He is currently preparing the Break These Shackles first full-length album, and is working on his music school website.