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Paul Wardingham

Paul Wardingham is an award-winning guitarist and producer from Brisbane, Australia. In 2011, Wardingham released his critically acclaimed debut instrumental metal solo album Assimilate Regenerate through Enigmatic Records. Inspired by technology and sci-fi, the album explores futuristic themes by combining mechanical riffing, melodic choruses, industrial synths and otherworldly solos. In less than a year, the album quickly gained a legion of fans worldwide and received praise from metal guitar legends Dino Cazares (Fear Factory and Divine Heresy) and Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) among others, for his awe inspiring guitar work, compositions and production.

Currently, Wardingham is working on his highly anticipated follow-up, instrumental cyber

metal concept album The Human Affliction.

Wardingham uses various 7-string guitars all equipped with EMG 707 pickups.

All guitars and machines on Assimilate Regenerate were produced, recorded and mixed

by Wardingham.

In 2006, The Collins/Wardingham Project, a collaboration with Australian drum

phenomenon Grant Collins, released their progressive metal fusion album Interactive through Enigmatic Records.

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