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Roberto “RA” Díaz / Suicidal Tendencies

"“My idea of a business card is getting a pair of EMG Pickups and start blowing people’s heads off. They’ll call you back. Trust me.” ~Ra"

Ra Díaz is a bassplayer from Chile, Southamerica. Currently relocated in Mexico, he has performed with numerous acts such as Mexico’s hottest female rapper Niña Dioz, the Ritmo Machine project starring Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill/Beastie Boys) and fellow chilean DJ Bitman featuring Money Mark and Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm, argentinian rock trio Timmy O’Tool, chilean hip hop legends Tiro de Gracia, Grammy Award and two times Latin Grammy Award winner Mauricio Clavería, and many more.

Being mostly a 5-6 strings bassist of the hip hop / rock scene, he recognizes EMG Pickups as the best – and only – way to get the perfect low end and sound out of his Spector basses.

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