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Jon Mulvey

"I have been using EMG pickups forever. The models I am currently using with no mercy and think are the most killer pickups ever. Are; The 81and 85 X’s for my active sets, and the SRO OC1 passive, and the SAV single coil pickups. EMG An amazing company with great people working to design perfect pickups and products for our enjoyment. I am There is no comparison to the detail and clarity of my X’s in my Ibanez Prestige. Killer lo end tight punchy mid’s smooth and searing highs. What’s not to love? EMG. The active pickup Zen masters. I love my SRO OC1’s! They are in my Ibanez JS1000’s. They are far more responsive then any other passive out there. A broader dynamic range and response to the player. If your missing the mojo from your passive pickup. Try a pair of OC1’s. You’ll notice the broader frequency range and note separation. My OC1’s deliver a higher output without the loss of clarity, and mid range detail thru any amp. Perfect. "

Jon Mulvey was born in Los Angeles Ca. To a electronic engineer Father, and musicologist/pianist Mother. Jon started playing guitar at 7.

A healthy sonic diet was consumed of bands and artists like; Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Jeff Beck group, Deep purple, and all the other usual suspects from the 60’s and 70’s rock era’s.

Also influences include 50’s era blues and rock n roll guitarists. Jazz guitarists like Wes Montgomery, Tal Farlow, Howard Roberts, and all the session guitarist popular in TV and movies coming out of Hollywood in that time were part of the mix too.

Classical guitar lessons at age 11, was the negotiation for Jon to earn an electric guitar. So Segovia, Julian Breem, and Paco De Lucia were the standard there. Plus all the classical music played by his parents. Bach, Stravinsky, Beethoven et al. Gregorian chants to modern composers.

Jon moved from Southern Cal to the bay area to study classical composition at SFSU, and guitar with Joe Satriani. Jon studied with Joe for 3 years, while touring, and playing sessions and teaching guitar.

As a session guitarist Jon has done well over a thousand recording sessions since he was 16 years old and continues to record for clients worldwide.

Over the years EMG has been a very important part of the story. Jon has used their passive and active pickups since the early 80’s. As we all know. EMG’s active pickup pioneering changed the game for modern rock guitar. But Jon finds their single coil and humbucker passive pickups our just as detailed in their response to the player. Jon is proud to be a part of the EMG family.

Jon is most appreciative for clinic and tour support from Ibanez guitars, and Tone Tubby speakers too.

Currently Jon is the guitarist for the legendary rock singer Davey Pattison. Davey is the singer for guitar great Robin Trower. And co-founder of Gamma with Ronnie Montrose.

Davey Picked Jon to help him form his band, for Jon’s ability to capture the nuances of Robin Trowr’s playing and the sheer intensity that was a hallmark of Ronnie Montrose. But Davey insists that Jon bring a fresh, modern approach to the music.

Don’t forget to check out Jon’s solo cd This and That featuring fellow EMG artist Bassist and legend Stu Hamm, and Jerry Marotta. Peter Gabriel, John Lennon)

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