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José Macario / Arcadia Libre

José Macario is a guitar player born in Jalisco México. His musical carrier began when he was 6 years old as a classical guitar soloist, after time he specialized on flamenco guitar winning 2 national contests on juvenile level. When he turned 13yrs old is when his relationship with heavy metal band Arcadia Libre began, which is one of the most important heavy bands in México and Latin America.

His ability on acoustic guitar, professional studies and his passion for music have taken him to a level that is not often seen in guitarist of his genre, throughout his career he’s been involved in various musical projects and has become extremely proficient in his ability to use many different string instruments and percussions.

With Arcadia Libre he has been on 3 national tours and shared the stage with various bands of international mainstream like Job for a Cowboy, The Faceless, The Black Dahlia Murder and also participated on the Summer Slaughter in Mexico City in 2010.

Jose Macario’s journey is barely beginning even though there is lots of experience at hand, his youth predicts a promising future in the music media. His capacity and passion will surely open doors of international opportunity before too long.

Jose is an assertive and virtuous guy with much determination that gives him an advantage in the difficult music industry in Mexico.

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