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Sacha Dunable/ Intronaut

Sacha Dunable is a key founding member and guitarist/vocalist of the LA based psychedelic stoner doom prog band Intronaut. Their style, while rooted in metal, is extremely forward-thinking and psychedelic, complete with complex polyrhythms, intense, haunting melodies, and vocal harmonies, combined with progressive and jazzy instrumental breaks. Their sound incorporates traits from prog rock, psychedelic/stoner rock, Indian, African, and Afro-Latin rhythms, as well as a heavy jazz influence.

"I am absolutely loving the balance of power with clarity out of the EMG X series and JH set, and am getting sounds I never thought possible with active pickups. I was looking for some way to push our amps a bit harder, yet still getting that note and attack clarity, and I'm sure I've found that." Sacha Dunable

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