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Morgan Knoster/ Aroarah

Morgan Knoster is the lead guitarist for Aroarah, a band composed of 4 beautiful and talented young women had a vision of forming their own band while still in high school. With two of them sisters and all best friends, there was no doubt that passion would be the element that fueled their music. Lydia's warm, haunting, chill-delivering voice pairs perfectly with Morgan's guitar melodies and heavy metal shrieks. Chelsea explores the bass with an essence of mystery and Mackenzie, a self-taught perfectionist, performs with a fiery grace.

These exceptional ladies are perfect counterparts in creating a unique sound unlike anything ever heard. This award-winning group has a nationally telecast Converse commercial and was featured in the December 2005 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. After Aroarah's 2005, 6 song release, Shavo Odadjian, of System of a Down, directed the girls E.P.K. followed up by a 2007 summer tour that included dates on the Vans Warped Tour.