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Matt Kean/ Bring Me The Horizon

Matt Kean is the bass player for Bring Me The Horizon, a five-piece band from Sheffield, England. Despite only forming in March 2004, the band has gathered a surprisingly large fan base both in the UK and the U.S. Their debut EP, This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For, came out in December 2004 and was the first release from the independent label Thirty Days Of Night Records. The band has since embarked on a number of UK tours supporting well-established bands such as Bleeding Through and Aiden, and also signed with Visible Noise Records in the autumn of 2005. The EP was re-released in January 2006 ,via Visible Noise, to a mainly positive critical response.

In September 2006 the band won Best British Newcomer at the Kerrang! Magazine Awards. Their debut album, Count Your Blessings, was released on 30th October 2006 amid a large headlining UK tour. As a very open and aggressive person the lead vocalist Oliver Sykes greatly encourages “Wall of Death” (or Braveheart) moshing, and has also asked for a “Piggy-back Wall of Death” during concerts and gigs. Their second full-length album, Suicide Season, released 29th September through Visible Noise (UK) and 18th November through Epitaph (US) has brought the band wordlwide recognition as one of the leading bands in its genre...

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