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Tommy Denander

A pro in the music world for 28 years, signed his first record contract at the age of 14 with Polygram and was quickly hailed as a wonder kid by the fans and media around the world.

Tommy Denander is today one of the most sought after guitarists, song writers and producers in the world, appearing on 150-170 albums a year plus touring the planet with artists like Dan Reed, Jimi Jamison, Robin Beck, House Of Lords and Mitch Malloy as well as doing clinics and seminars.

Among many recent success albums he plays on the Billboard number 1 soundtrack in USA for the Tim Burton movie Alice In Wonderland feat Johnny Depp...

He's recived 30 gold and platinum awards, 4 US Grammy nominations, an Australian Grammy for album of the year in 2008 and many other awards plus readers poll wins. He's been featured in more than 1500 magazine interviews world wide including many cover stories....

Tommy has appeared on more than 1900 albums with big names like Paul Stanley, BB King, Don Henley, Sheryl Crow, David Coverdale, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Toto, Fee Waybill, Richard Marx, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Adam Lambert, David Archuleta, Tokio Hotel, Girls Aloud, Desmond Child, David Foster, Radioactive, Michael Schenker, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bruce Kulick, Kenny Loggins, Robin Beck, House Of Lords, Jimi Jamison and many more...

Tommy's first signature guitar by VGS was just revealed at the Frankfurt Messe 2010 and it's already a huge success in the media and among the buyers.

"I've been a guitar player for 37 years and for a long time i've been dreaming about doing my own signature model with everything I know about the instrument and everything i look for in the perfect guitar so when i started working with the amazing German brand VGS last year i quickly knew i had found the company i always looked for. After settling on the shape and look of the guitar, which didn't take long, i had two simple demands...i need Schaller tuners and locking tremolo system and EMG pick ups!!!. I've used EMG and all my main guitars since 1985 and besides giving me the perfect sound i hear in my head they never fail, in my work i need to rely on the best i can have so i can deliver the best i can be for the people who require the best they can get!!! I proudly use the signature set of my dear friend and amazing player Steve Lukather on my signature VGS TD-1 Radioactive model (2 SLV +1 85)" - Tommy Denander

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