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Axel "Iron Finger" Ritt/ Ex-Grave Digger, Domain

Axel Ritt, guitarist, composer and producer of the German bands Ex-Grave Digger and Domain.

Born March 13th, Axel grew up in Cologne, Germany. After getting the university-entrance diploma he moved to Dortmund, Germany starting to study music and architecture. In 1986, Axel joined a band called Kingdom, the antecessor of Domain. Their record company held that there could be some name confusion with Lenny Wolf´s band Kingdom Come, so they decided that we have to change the name right at the very beginning of the band career. The first Kingdom album “Lost In The City”, (1987) which became an album-rarity in the meanwhile, has been re-released as Domain “Our Kingdom” (1988). Furthermore we have the Domain albums: “Before The Storm” (1989), “Crack In The Wall” (1991), “Collection 86-92” (1992), “One Million Lightyears From Home” (2000), “New Horizons” (2001), “The Artefact” (2002), “The Sixth Dimension” (2003), “Last Days Of Utopia” (2005), “The Essence Of Glory” (2005) and “Stardawn” (2006). While only co-producing in the beginning, he decided to work as a producer as well in 1994.

Most recently Domain released the album "The Chronicles Of Love, Hate And Sorrow" (2009) and Axel has also joined heavy metal legends Grave Digger (2010).

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