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Gabe Crisp/ White Chapel

Gabe Crisp is the bass player for Whitechapel, who was formed in February 2006 by Phil Bozeman, Brandon Cagle, and Ben Savage, (An accident in May of 2007 forced Brandon Cagle unable to play guitar. He was replaced by Zach Householder and the lineup has held strong ever since) Knoxville, Tennessee’s Whitechapel seamlessly meld death metal, grind, and hardcore to create a blistering brand of modern death metal that leaves fans no other choice but to throw themselves into an uncontrollable frenzy on the dance floor & in the pit.

This is a band that is true to their music and genuine in their delivery. They refuse to be ignored and will continue to bring their crushing metal to show after show until metal heads worldwide have experienced the manic intensity that is Whitechapel! The campaign will continue during the summer of 2009 as Whitechapel have landed a slot on the Hot Topic stage on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.