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Sean O’Bryan Smith

Renowned bassist and solo jazz artist Sean O’Bryan Smith has become the latest in a line of amazing endorsing artists with EMG. After years of relying on EMG pickups in his basses with artists ranging from Billy Ray Cyrus to The Mississippi Mass Choir, Sean has happily become a part of the EMG family. “EMG’s have been a pinnacle part of my sound for a number of years and always give me the tone I demand both live and in the studio.” says Sean. “….partnering with EMG was a no-brainer for me.” This relationship comes at a perfect time as Sean is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to his highly internationally acclaimed 2008 release “Tapestry” that was heralded by a number of publications and radio as well as being the “#1 Most Recommended CD of All Times” at All About The follow up CD is called “Reflection” and is due out later in 2009 and will feature Sean using a number of basses outfitted with EMG pickups. Specific setups include the new J-X set and P-X set, a PJ set with 18volt BT preamp, a 40P4 with 18volt BT preamp, a 40P5 and 40J5 with 18volt BT preamp , and the HB model with 18volt BT preamp; He's got it dialed in! In support of the new partnership with EMG, Sean is tentatively scheduled to make appearances at Bass Player LIVE in Los Angeles this October as well as other possible events. You can also see Sean on tour this summer including the popular Park City Jazz Festival In Park City.