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Sara Beth/ Kill Slowly

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Kill Slowly is comprised of Melissa Rose (vocals), Nita Strauss (guitar), Katt Scarlett Couture (keyboards), Sara Beth (bass) and Kirsten Schluter (drums).

Formed in Hollywood, CA in 2007, Kill Slowly felt like destiny in the making. Upon the band's inception it was clear, from past projects they had all been a part of, that this just felt right.

Kill Slowly’s lyrics speak of their personal life experiences. Songs like “Empty Promises” and “Louder Than Words” showcase various influences, from Nita’s progressive guitar shredding to Katt’s haunting keyboard tones. On “Let Go”, Melissa’s vocals are sexy and hypnotic while Sara’s thudding bass and Kirsten’s kinetic drumming, pound into the listener’s head.

Kill Slowly is not your average rock band. They have a lot to offer in today's industry, taking pride that they are dedicated, proficient musicians.With their brand of sexy melodic metal, they want to prove themselves; and win over everyone who says that five hot women can’t rock.