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Aaron Ruby/ Walls of Jericho

Aaron Ruby is the bassist for Walls of Jericho. The band formed in late-1998 in Detroit, Michigan, writing and playing music together as often as possible. In April 1999, the band would release its first material, "A Day and a Thousand Years," on 7" and CD format via Underestimated Records and Genet Records, respectively. The releases, combined with constant touring, helped put Walls of Jericho on the hardcore map nationwide. After being picked up by New Jersey's Trustkill Records, the band would release its full-length, "The Bound Feed the Gagged," in 1999.

The band has toured with numerous acts, including Hatebreed, Buried Alive, Harvest, and Another Victim, while participating in hardcore festivals (Hellfest). Walls of Jericho's music combined a mix of metal, hardcore, thrash, and e-chug hardcore, coupled with Candace's powerful female vocals. Fans of metalcore in general should check out Walls Of Jericho.

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