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Colin Edwin/ Porcupine Tree, No-Man

Colin Edwin a member of the British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree, where he plays fretted and fretless bass guitar as well as Double Bass. He also plays in bandmate Steven Wilson's sideproject No-Man. Colin incorporates an atypical jazz-inspired style into his playing in a rock band and his musical range is extensive. He endorses Spector basses which are outfitted with a variety of EMG pickup configurations including the EMG-PJ set and a dual EMG-35DC setup. The music of Porcupine Tree is often described as melancholic, textural and very experimental, often fusing many genres in a single track and definitely atmospheric. It could best be described as a melange of rock, ambient, psychedelia and proto metal. Porcupine Tree are currently in the studio recording a new record, but if you haven't heard their last one Fear of a blank planet from 2007, pick it up and give it a listen and hear Colin's thick and textural tones.

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