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David Ellefson/ Megadeth

David Ellefson began his career in rock ‘n roll as a hard rock musician at age 11. After formal training on keyboard instruments and saxophone as a kid David was drawn to the bass guitar because of it’s growling low end and undeniable presence in heavy rock music. He then became an accomplished rhythm guitarist and honed his songwriting skills while leading several of his own bands through the club scene of North America’s Midwest region. At age 18 David moved to Los Angeles and has worked diligently during his career becoming a premier metal and hard rock bassist for Megadeth. David’s unique playing style, energetic live performances and adept recording skills have kept him in high demand throughout his entire career. Additionally, his vast experience and knowledge of the music industry have allowed him to author many literary works on the subject, venture into music production, songwriting collaborations, session work, clinics and teaching seminars. He is currently recording and touring with many artists including F5, Temple of Brutality, Soulfly and more.