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Andrew Craighan/ My Dying Bride

My Dying Bride is a metal band who has been at the forefront of the British Death/Doom movement from 1990-present. According to, they are known for their "slow yet extremely heavy riffs and haunting lyrics. Relentlessly slow, thick, heavy chords allied with remarkably morose lyrics make My Dying Bride a unique proposition and certainly a challenge to the listener." Since its debut, the British group has remained steadfast in an unwavering pursuit of extreme Metal, ironically enjoying the rewards of an international fan base despite the noncommercial nature of its output.

Founding member, Andrew Craighan, and the rest of the band have crafted a sound that is unique and influential. The sound of Doom metal is relentlessly slow and heavy, yet pristinely beautiful and epically tragic. For Andrew, the sound of Doom is the EMG 81TW/85 Combo. MDB has their their tenth studio album For Lies I Sire going into wide release this March, and MY DYING BRIDE vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe stated "Naturally, we think it's our best work to date and has a sort of 'new-meets-old' sound; the violins giving a nod to our past and the new riffs and vocals showing the way forward. It is quite possibly the most depressing thing we've created to date, and all the more wonderful for it." That just makes me smile...just a little.