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JB Brubaker/ August Burns Red

August Burns Red is a Metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been active since 2003. The Complexity of August Burns Red’s music is a clear indication of a band with rapid ambition and burgeoning talent for crafting tight, compelling songs. This is an intense band that continually blows the minds of anyone lucky enough to witness their live show or hear their records, and on their latest release, Messengers, they do not disappoint. Both guitar players, Brent Rambler (81/85) and JB Brubaker (81/85), rely on EMG’s to give their penchant for driving metallic guitar riffs some real guts and teeth. JB had this to say about our product, "EMG pickups give my tone a sharp bite that you can't find anywhere else. They are essential to get the tone I want and need out my guitars." Listen to their latest release and you will hear exactly what he means by this.