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Alex Webster/ Cannibal Corpse, Blotted Science

Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse and Blotted Science is recognised as an exceptionally talented death metal bassist. He can play at exceptionally fast speeds, and does a signature 3-finger walk (a "galloping" finger motion). He revealed in a making-of DVD for The Wretched Spawn, where he initially started playing guitar but changed to bass because he felt he could master the instrument more quickly. He also plays without using a pick, as well as using a clean clear tone, which helps retain clarity in the complex and very fast lines he plays in conjunction with the heavily distorted guitars.

Alex currently uses Modulus Quantum 5 and Spector basses, EMG-40DC and 40CS pickups, two SWR SM-1500 and two SWR Megalioth 8x10 cabinets, Monster Cables, DR Strings (High Beams), and Line 6 Bass Pod.

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