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Chris Storey/ All Shall Perish

Formed with the intent of not being labeled with the restricting monikers of "death metal", "hardcore" or "metalcore," All Shall Perish blasted onto the San Francisco Bay Area scene in 2002. Ever since then, All Shall perish have been redefining the death and grind genres with vibrant ideas and unrelenting delivery. Giving us brutal music that possesses a natural need to experiment and push the boundaries of the extreme underground. Lead guitarist Chris Storey seems to have single handedly brought melodic and shred guitar to the genre, much as James Murphy (Death, Obituary) did for traditional death metal in the early 90's. Chris plays our 707 and 707TW models and credits the pickups tonal characteristics for the ability to move so effortlessly between melodies and all out assault. He has one thing to say that describes the tone. “Brutal, in a good way”

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