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Ryan Peake/ Nickelback

Ryan Peake is the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for juggernauts Nickelback. Ryan co-writes some of the band's most popular songs and sings most backing vocals.

Peake also sings some of the band's cover songs, including "Super Bon Bon" and "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)" live in concert. On the 2009 Dark Horse Tour, Ryan also sings a Kings Of Leon cover, "Use Somebody".

When playing, Peake mostly uses Gibson Guitars such as Les Pauls, Gibson Explorers and Gibson Flying Vs with various EMG active humbuckers. In Peake's early career, he mostly used modified Fender Telecasters. He would replace the Telecaster's pickups with EMG-T Set. He also uses Morgan and Gibson acoustic guitars. In concert, Peake uses his father's old acoustic guitar to play Photograph with the EMG-ACS acoustic sound-hole pickup.