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The EMG SLVX is a modified designed of the original SLV, built for famed session guitarist and founding member of Toto, Steve Lukather. The SLVX takes the increased coil windings and the hidden poll pieces of the SLV and adds the X series preamp. This gives the pickup even more dynamic range while keeping the more tradition string-to-string balance of the SLV. The result is a noiseless single coil guitar pickup with a classic EMG sound and pole pieces closer to the individual strings for more output and a punchier attack. Swap this pickup in with ease using EMG's solderless wiring system.
In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

1 25k volume pot
1 active tone pot (VLPF)
1 battery bus
1 stereo output jack
1 two pickup in/out bus
1 pair mounting screws and springs
1 pickup cable
2 connect cables
1 output cable
1 battery cable