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The PAX pickup is similar to our EMG PA bass pickup, but with the addition of the X Series preamp. The X preamp offers greater dynamic control and touch sensitivity, bridging the gap between passive and active tone and feel. Because the PAX utilizes Alnico V magnets coupled with short, squat coils, the tone is open and rich, with a vintage character. For those who seek an active P bass pickup with a more vintage tone and feel, the PAX is an excellent choice. Complete with EMG's solderless wiring control kit, this pickup is a breeze to install on your own.
In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

1 25k volume pot
1 25k active tone pot (VLPF)
1 battery bus
1 stereo output jack
2 pair mounting screws
1 pickup cable
2 connect cables