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The PJX-CS set features pickups that utilize ceramic magnets with steel pole pieces and the EMG X Series preamp for added dynamic range. The tone of these pickups are much warmer than our other PJ sets, giving players a smoother attack. Both the PX-CS and JX-CS maintain the characteristics of our pickups - low noise with dynamic response and increased frequency range - while offering a more subtle high end. Used separately or in combination, they offer endless bass tone options with a response and feel that bridges the gap between passive and active pickups. The result are low noise, dependable pickups with tones ranging from tight slap funk, rock, to smooth Motown grooves. With EMG's solderless wiring harness included, the PJX-CS Set is easy to install at home.
In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

2 25k volume pots
1 25k active tone pot (VLPF)
1 battery bus
1 stereo output jack
1 two pickup in/out bus
1 pair mounting screws
2 pickup cables
2 connect cables
1 output cable
1 battery cable