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EMG celebrates Bajo players worldwide by offering the classic ACS in 4 new finishes. The “Bajo Cromo” (Chrome), “Bajo Oro” (Gold Chrome), “Bajo Rojo Cromo” (Red Chrome) and the “Bajo Bandera”. The Bajo offers authentic acoustic tone with a broader frequency range than a piezo pickup. The custom voiced internal preamp is designed for an acoustic’s natural phase and frequency response making it perfect for any steel string acoustic guitar. This noiseless system gives you all the top-end brilliance and all the full bodied acoustic tone you’ll ever want or need. From Mariachi to Metal, Bluegrass and back, the EMG Bajo will deliver.
In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System: connect cables End Pin Jack with cable cable keepers battery bag allen wrenches (.062 & .093 inches) velcro dot