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ACB Barrel

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The Barrel:
The EMG-ACB Barrel Banjo Pickup is an alternative to our banjo pickup the ACB. This pickup is the more traditional banjo pickup players have been used to for some time.

Following the Banjo blogs has given us further insight into the banjo world that we greeted with enthusiasm. Although many players appreciate the “Acoustic” qualities of our current ACB Banjo Pickup players asked for a pickup with a more “direct” banjo tone.

Thus the ACB Barrel:
The ACB Barrel uses a direct sensing of the head under or near the center bridge post. By placing a small shim of steel under the center bridge post, the pickup senses the movement of the steel and produces a signal. Alternately, the steel can be placed pretty much anywhere inside the banjo as long the pickup can be placed over the steel shim. The pickup uses a battery operated pre-amp to help shape the response of the signal as well as reduce noise. Players such as Chris Pandolfi (StringDusters) and Ryan Cavanaugh are thoroughly enjoying the new Barrel.

The installation is completely solderless so anyone can do it. It is designed for Banjos with 2 coordinator rods but other mounting arrangements can be accommodated.
In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

1 pickup
1 pickup mounting bracket
2 pickup adjustement spacers
1 preamp / battery board
1 volume / output jack 2 connect cables