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The PJHZ SET combines our PHZ and LJHZ pickups, giving bass players who prefer the response and feel of a passive pickup with the flexibility and tone known to EMG. Both... >

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The PJHZ SET combines our PHZ and LJHZ pickups, giving bass players who prefer the response and feel of a passive pickup with the flexibility and tone known to EMG. Both pickups use ceramic magnets with steel poles for amazing clarity and sonic range. This set can be used as a direct replacement for all Fender-style PJ instruments. All EMG passive pickups have our 5-wire quik-connect output allowing for a number of wiring options, and are fully shielded for minimal noise. String grounding is recommended to further decrease noise.
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In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

2 250k volume pot
1 250k tone pot
1 mono output jack
8 pair mounting screws
1 bridge ground connector
2 pickup cable
2 connect cables
1 output cable
1 bridge ground wire


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Great Improvement over Spector stock and Great Customer Service

Chris /Reviewed 10/11/2016

I rated price and value highly because I bought the pair earlier this year from EMG for less than 100 USD. It seems the prices on everything have gone up significantly this year. None the less, this PJ set crushes what Spector loaded into the new Standard 4 I bought last year.
That said, I'm prompted primarily to write a review due to great customer service I recently received. I'd cut the wires that were included with the pickups to connect to an existing stock preamp that I then replaced...the cut quick-connect cables from EMG are tough to splice because of the grounded shield type of cable, and I wanted replacements.
Rather than having to buy an expensive kit containing mostly items I didn't need to wire my pickups to an EMG preamp I'd just purchased, EMG sent me the cables I needed.
Customer service goes a long way...I really felt that someone at EMG cared about my specific needs, and made sure I had what I needed to get the best results from their products.

Ease of Install

Perfect for use with onboard preamp with active.passive options!

Joshua /Reviewed 3/4/2016

I bought these to replace old, noisy factory Fender pickups in a 1984 Power Jazz Special. This particular instrument has an amazing preamp for its time, and although I desperately wanted EMGs for the noise-free characteristics, I was not OK with gutting the unique preamp to put an active EMG setup in there. So, I bought these, removed the old pups, soldered these directly to the pickup switch, and BAM! Perfect, noiseless tone that is ten times better than the original! I was able to retain the unique original setup, complete with the ability to bypass the preamp, which uses a passive TBX tone pot that I absolutely love. I was shocked to hear that they also sounded better than any passive pups I had ever owned as well. A previous reviewer stated that they lacked thunder, but I would argue that it really depends on your setup. Of course passive pups are going to have less output than actives or overwound pups for that matter, but these sounded excellent in my opinion.

The 3-star rating for ease of install was due to the fact that the HZ pickups do require some detailed and potentially difficult work for some. TO be honest, however, the required soldering is as easy as soldering can possibly be, especially due to the fact that you aren't soldering in three or four grounding wires. The install literally took me three minutes to complete, and the pickup wiring does plug right into the pups themselves.

Overall, the best choice out there if you care about noiseless operation and quality tone. Great output, full bass and beautiful, responsive mids and highs! Couldn't get any better!

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5432 Rating Reasons

ErnieBassist /Reviewed 2/1/2015

* "5-star Quality" is because EMG is synonymous with quality in every regard and they manufacture their products like as well as companies like Intel, NASA and the like.

* "4-star Price" can be confirmed by an Internet search that should prove that these pickups are below the price-point of most similar products on the market, but, the lack of "stand-alone" power skews this metric.

* "3-star Value" is because, first of all, these EMG PJHz passive pickups are the cleanest, clearest and quietest electric-bass guitar pickups I've ever used. "BUT," they are also the weakest and, in my humble opinion are best described as clinical, pale and sterile and they suffer from a sever power deficiency which to me, limits them to studio recording applications only unless your stage rig has an incredible preamp(s) and power amp(s) with matching speaker cabinets to make up for what these pickups lack - "THUNDER" when necessary! Also, depending upon the control systems you chose for your for your install, you will find that it will be necessary to re-work the controls compartment beyond mere accordance to accommodate the expensive EMG pickups wiring demands. I removed these EMG PJHz's from my bass to accommodate my electronics upgrade(s) without the desperate and needy EMG-centric demands that seem to plague this great company while they gasp for after-market shares. Moreover, the B.S. that EMG scripted for Geezer Butler didn't help much neither.

* 2-star Ease of Install" is the result of a simple summation of all-of-the-above points.

Into the Highly Profitable High-Tech Future of Solderless Pickup-and-Electronics Rolling!

- Ernie Leblanc, "Into the Bass!"

Ease of Install

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